Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Kit

As some had indicated an interest in the clothing we had made a few years back we decided to create a new design and have another run of kit made. We went with Podiumwear again as they have new, very high quality suits and jackets and do all of the production right here in the states. They are excellent to work with as they are responsive and helpful.

We are affiliated with The Utah Nordic Alliance so we opened the order to anyone with the assistance of Podiumwear's "Team Storefront". This allows people to go directly to the Podiumwear website, select and pay for the items they would like without the club needing to manage those activities.

We selected products in Podiumwear's Gold Line. They use very modern, high quality textiles and are very well constructed. They are true to size and the finishing work is top quality.

Here's the 3-D renderings of the new clothing from Podiumwear's site:

If you're considering custom clothing I recommend checking out Podiumwear based on their quality product, competitive pricing and low minimums.

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